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Seems like most commenters are doing the wrong calculus. It’s not “Is Wiggins better than Love” it’s “Is Wiggins + the other player(s) you’d get with the other $15 million in available salary better than having Kevin Love be your third best player”? Especially in today’s NBA where teams are basically trying to GIVE away post players while wings are tough to come by.

As for the argument of “the Cavs went to two straight Finals with Love”: they didn’t. They went to one without him, and won one with him as a very highly paid role player. They stayed in first place in the East this year despite him missing 20 games. He might not be that essential to their success.

Which isn’t to say he isn’t very good or even a key part of their team. But, I’m not convinced that paying him $21 million dollars a year to be the third best player on the team (and not even get to do a lot of what makes him special as a result) is the best allocation of resources. Spread that money among 2–3 players and the Cavs get more minutes out of better players.

The Cavs obviously can’t regret the move, because they have a title. But I’m not convinced he was that essential to winning it.

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