End-of-Year Fundraising: Or, How to Raise $350K in 100 Days

Election Season is almost over, which means inbox mayhem across the country will subside — much to everyone’s relief. But as political campaigns ramp down their fundraising, non-profits will ramp up through the end of the year.

Consider these stats from Network for Good’s Digital Giving Index: Twenty-nine percent of all non-profit giving occurs in December and a whopping 11 percent comes in just the last three days of the year.

But many organizations are leaving money on the table when it comes to fundraising online. The holiday season isn’t just a time for major gifts and direct mail, it’s the time to get serious about your email fundraising program.

You might be thinking, “we’ve never been able to raise real money online. And I bet that the holidays would be even more abysmal.” Stop right there!

We’ve heard this time and again, but have yet to come across a client that can’t raise money online. Take a look at what we were able to do with a stagnant fundraising program, transforming it into a high-grossing money machine that raised more than $350k in just 100 days.

Before you jump into online fundraising, make sure you are setting yourself up for success. We’ve put together a simple guide that touches on some of the key end-of-year fundraising strategies every organization should be paying attention. Download the whitepaper here.

The key to our success has been trusting and investing in the data, consistently testing new methodologies, and never settling for cookie cutter style campaigns. With email fundraising, it’s about getting a thousand little things right.

To read more about how we raised more than $350K in 100 days, click here to download our white paper!

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