A Pal for Junior Developers

A service for providing mentorship and advice for folk getting their learn on

I had this thought a week ago:

I only noticed the typo when it was waaaaay too late

I’ve been wondering how I can help folks who are learning front-end development for a while, and amongst a few ideas, this one stood out.

Introducing Dev Pal

I came up with the concept that if I created a landing page, someone could come along with a front-end development issue they were having, or a question about their career and I would be able to give them a pragmatic answer, or advice.

I offered similar on Twitter a couple of days ago:

I thought something more sustainable may be more appropriate because Twitter has many downfalls in terms of engagement and community management.

I decided to knock-up a landing page with CodePen Projects and integrate my new favourite support tool, Crisp.

I chose Crisp for a couple of reasons:

  • It has incredible multi-language tools, such as live translate
  • It has great tools for blocking trolls
  • It has a lovely, lightweight, customisable UI
A screenshot of https://devpal.io with Crisp hanging out in the corner

A proof of concept to see how it goes

I hope this is a good idea and I hope I can help some folk out. This MVP / proof of concept only took about 30 mins to put together, because I wanted to test the water and see how it went. It’s good to get something up and running to test my concept, without spending weeks building it, thanks to CodePen.

It’d be awesome if you could share Dev Pal with your pals and let’s see if it works out. If it does, it’s certainly something I want to develop into an even more useful offering. If it doesn’t, it’ll be a shame, but at least I tried it out. Regardless — if I even just help one person, it’ll be totally worth it.

For now, here it is: check out https://devpal.io