Andy Beshear
Oct 4 · 2 min read

The Beshear/Coleman campaign is releasing the following statement on Matt Bevin’s meltdown at the governor’s mansion after a terrible week spent running from questions about his secretive use of the state plane, dismissing teachers who work second jobs, and feuding with his own lieutenant governor.

Beshear/Coleman Campaign Manager Eric Hyers said: “Matt Bevin’s press conference this afternoon was unhinged and bizarre. It is clear that with a disastrous record of trying to strip away health care and bullying teachers, his campaign is flailing and his approach is to lash out. As Andy Beshear has already said publicly numerous times, he is the state’s top prosecutor and relies on evidence and facts. Just like many other Kentuckians, the only information he has right now is what he’s seen in different news reports. He believes that if Congress moves forward, any proceedings should be nonpartisan and focus on facts and evidence.”

As attorney general, Andy Beshear has proven he will work with anyone to help Kentucky families and stand up to anyone that might hurt Kentucky families. Beshear recently “announced a $1.4 million federal grant to expand its Sexual Assault Cold Case Unit.” However, he’s also stood up to the federal government to protect health care for people with pre-existing conditions.

Andy Beshear

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Father · Husband · Son · Attorney General and candidate for Governor of Kentucky. Together we can return honor, decency and transparency to Frankfort.

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