The Last Auto Mechanic
Tom Price

Won’t happen.

You’re overlooking some of the key issues with EVs. Charge time, range, and the necessity to carry an ICE around to generate additional range.

Plus, the factors that cause us to retire our ICE based vehicles will persist. Corrosion. Suspension/driveline failures. Interior wearing out. One might even postulate that the additional weight of batteries will *accelerate* failure of key suspension and load bearing components. Not to mention battery lifespans for charge/discharge, and for those of us in 4-season climates, real effects on battery performance from the environment.

I forsee a future with dual systems in many cars (an EV with a battery and ICE based generation for extended range), making the vehicles double complex, and the need for most mechanics to be a mini-EE.

I’ve never tossed a vehicle due to engine failure, nor replaced major engine internals in a modern vehicle. Many with over 250k miles. The supporting items (suspension, brakes, exhaust, body cladding, transmissions, electrical, etc) that will still be required failed first. You can’t make a ball-joint go a million miles, period.

This is a cute story written by a person who doesn’t understand actual failure points on a vehicle. I have 40+ year old engines at home in antiques that’ll fire right up, not burn or leak fluids, and work as intended. Ask me how much labor I’ve put into ancillary systems and the body that surround the engine.

Is it time to move on from the ICE? Yeah, and we’re getting there. Do we have the technology yet? Nowhere near…

PS: Autonomous vehicles. Yeah. That’s a whole different discussion…