Air Ball

Word has spread both near and far

about a Baller named Lavar;

cocky, brash and narcissistic

‘specially when he goes Ball-istic!

His sons, we’re told, are months away

from reigning o’er The NBA;

First, there’s Lonzo; it’s no con ~

he’s even better than Lebron!

Steph Curry? Pfft. Give me a break!

Steph or Lonzo? Piece of cake!

His brothers, too! Both future stars!

His kids just have the edge on thars,

that’s you, King James!

Your boy’s no shot

at having what the Ball boys got!

And then there’s Pop! The best of all!

The all-time King of Basketball!

why, in his ‘prime’ he’d school MJ

at one-on-one; the man can play!

Barkley, too, hey; why not Shaq?

Lavar’s got what all others lack!

Unbeatable! And RICH; no hype!

A billion dollars in the pipe!

that’s the price tag Pop has planned

to have the Ball boys shlep your brand;

it’s what they’re worth; Lavar decreed it

they’re all time greats, he guaranteed it!

They’re not champs yet, but hey, no pouting ~

his ego leaves NO room for doubting!

And dad’s old footage? Well, in fairness

he doesn’t look much like His Airness…

but no chance of the old guy mellowing;

not he! He’ll just go right on bellowing

The biggest, strongest, and, I warn ya

LOUDEST mouth in California!