Menagerie Mystery Tour

Let’s take a Menagerie Mystery Tour

through the animal songs of the Fabulous Four!

T’was one of the Beatles’ most endearing features

to pen many songs about non-human creatures

So, here they are ~ Paul’s, George’s, Ringo’s and John’s

critters who crawled in and out of their songs!

Man’s Best Friend; that’s a fine place to start

so let’s meet the sheepdog who melted Paul’s heart;

Martha, his love, always kept him delighted

and yapped from on high when the good Sir was knighted

On the Beatles’ White Album, a black bird is mentioned;

it’s Paul allegory about racial tensions;

and then there is Rocky, the feisty raccoon

who finds his salvation above a saloon;

John gives us Henry the Horse, and his waltz

in a whimsical circus song laden with shmaltz

“I Am The Walrus!”, obscurely sang John

causing listeners to ponder just WHAT he was on;

curiouser and curiouser the song’s lyrics grow

till penguins are kicking poor E. Allen Poe!

Before “Happiness Is A Warm Gun”’s refrain

a lizard slinks by on a slick window pane;

and later, to prove he was nobody’s flunky

John sang that he’d nothing to hide, nor his monkey

George, feeling righteous (t’was often his wont )

penned ‘Piggies’, the rich upper classes to taunt;

while Ringo’s no wordsmith, he (begging his pardon)

still managed an octopus tending his garden

and still there were more of their animal cronies;

George tailed a Blue Jay, while John dug a pony;

Elephants, tigers, a bulldog or two ~

The Beatles bequeathed us a musical zoo!

And though it was love songs that earned them their fame

recall that a crawler provided their name!

(‘Menagerie Mystery Tour’ originally appears in ‘A Grownup’s Garden of Verses’, a collection of art and poetry by Andy Boerger)