Oh, Really, O’Reilly?

A War on Christmas! How low can they sink?

America’s being pushed over the brink~

straight into a secular nightmare of vice

that celebrates wicked and ridicules nice;

Why, we’d have lost our moral compass entirely

if not for the guidance of ol’ Bill O’Reilly;

A national treasure, a dose of Old School

a family values guy, nobody’s fool;

a brawler, a fighter ~ but for the right side:

for God, Law n’ Order n’ national pride;

with Billo as beacon, lighting the way

the good ol’ days live on to fight one more day!

But….William, et tu? Can it be YOU’VE broke bad?

are you, at heart, a creepy, philandering cad?

accusations pile up; things seem ready to blow;

it’s like Cosby, again; and we’ve all seen THAT show;

so,.. go on, Bill; preach about Truth and Democracy;

but, Dude! First, you’ll just have to check that hypocrisy!

Otherwise, when you talk about faith and tradition,

~ and morality YOU seem to be sorely missin’ ~

break it down for us, Billo, just WHY should we listen?