Once Upon A Guitar

Once upon a guitar, a girl began to play;
she started gently strumming, and continued through the day.
It took a bit of time before the melody was clear;
she worked on chords till every one was pleasing to the ear.

She moved on to the verses; quite a lovely work of art,
about the lonely longing of a young girl’s yearning heart

Once upon a canvas, a boy began to paint;
He started out just sketching in some images, quite faint. 
He slowly worked in colors, lighting, contrast, depth and shade,
looking with pride and pleasure at the progress he had made.

The scene was of a sailor who had left his girl ashore,
and pined for her, and wondered if he’d see her nevermore.

Once upon a summery wind a melody took flight;
the girl sang as she walked along; it trailed her like a kite.
It feathery skipped along the treetops, sonorous, then soft;
and entered through the window of a painter in his loft.

He peered down to the street to see a lovely girl there, grinning;
they moved towards each other, and their lips met ~
~The Beginning!