The Admiral & The Prince of Whales

~ Andy Boerger

I’m a seafaring admiral! Well, I’m the Prince of Whales!

Let’s chat a bit, for — I’m sure of it -we both have thrilling tales!

I fought with sea serpents thrice your size while my crew mates cowered in fear;

t’was how I got my admiral’s stripes and this scar upon my ear.

I plunged the deepest, darkest depths, quite eager to explore,

and there I saw a giant squid with twenty limbs, or more!

I’ve battled pirates wickeder than devils beyond the Styx;

took all I had to overcome their cunning pirate tricks!

My songs have brought the angels down from Paradise to hear

a golden harp they gave me; it’s a treasure I hold dear

A wave once rose to drown my ship; ’twas higher than the sky

but I’m a seasoned sailing man; victorious was I!

I’ve swum from pole to pole and drunk from all the Seven Seas

all brine upon this turquoise pearl I navigate with ease!

I too! I’ve tasted all the ocean’s bounties and its banes.

It’s made me! Why, it’s brine,not blood, that courses through these veins!

Time’s never wasted talking with a gent who knows the sea!

Likewise, good prince; yet, leave I must…

….my mom is calling me!

The End