Photos: My best shots 2017

Followed by their dog, a couple who are members of the Taking It To The Streets work training program for homeless youth walks in San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury district. Background: a wall of flared graffiti by Apexer.

Haight-Ashbury: My neighborhood

On a rainy afternoon, Bree Dils, a shopkeeper at Relic Vintage on San Francisco’s Haight Street, smiles under a red umbrella. (For Hoodline.)
For a forthcoming street fashion project.

Marrakech, Morocco

My model in Marrakech.
The toddler mannequins and the dudes who work at the clothing store.

Adrian in a Chinatown alley.

Moto Boy

I met Adrian at an event for amateur photographers to practice shooting each other. More interested in being photographed, he was a great model.

An SFPD Jeep parked directly in front of the syringe access program in Haight-Ashbury. That can scare away drug users and have deadly consequences. SFPD’s guidelines say officers shouldn’t interfere. Check out my first investigative story at KALW.


This year, I started shooting photos with my stories.

Audra Meusx, a former injection drug user, said police presence deterred her from getting clean needles. Mary Howe runs the Homeless Youth Alliance, which provides a syringe access program in Haight-Ashbury.
Photos for other stories.

Coast Guard shots are for a forthcoming story.

Mokhtar Al-Khanshali founded Port of Mokha, an Oakland-based importer whose coffees are consistently rated among the best in the world. I profiled him for a Hoodline series about Bay Area people with origins from the countries of President Trump’s “Muslim ban.”

The Catacombs of Paris.


The Port House in Antwerp, Belgium, by Zaha Hadid.
Mécaniques remontée installation by Zimoun in Paris. A parking attendant in Salt Lake City, Utah whose day-shift counterpart likes to decorate.

Cousin Todd. (After the solar eclipse in Grand Island, Nebr.)

Cousin Todd

Self-portrait in February. // Windy ridge at Telluride (by David Mejias).