Recently a company called Blue Prism and their product were brought to my attention. You can’t easily tell it from their website, but what they offer is basically an intelligent integration of systems… through their UIs. In other words, their software links systems by interacting with them as a human user would — clicking icons, typing commands & screen scraping the output then pasting it into another system (maybe after some internal processing). …

Dear Scrum Master!

Being a Professional Scrum Trainer, agile coach & consultant for a while I had a chance to work with around a thousand Scrum Masters across different organizations. I see recurring patterns of misunderstanding and misapplication of Scrum usually visible in how Scrum Masters act. Based on that experience I want to share a couple of important points with you in hope that you will seriously consider them in your work.

1. You are not a boss. Repeat: you are not a manager. Repeat: you are not a foreman.

Specifically you are not responsible for making sure the team delivers everything that was planned during the Sprint Planning. You are not responsible for gathering reports and…

It is hard not to notice how many people today are addicted to their phones. They just can’t bear the idea that their phone is ringing and so always answer it (if only to say in the middle of a meeting: “Sorry, can’t talk right now”). Hearing the beep of an incoming text message, they try to read it – and respond to it – even while driving. This behavior has led to so many accidents that we have now media campaigns to persuade people not to text while driving. …

A message from John Kotter

My recent article in which I explained why I think attempting an “agile transformation” in a corporate environment [1] is a waste of time (in a nutshell: because corporations are inherently dysfunctional) got some attention and one of the readers sent me an interesting video. Watch it:

The only solution Dr. Kotter sees for corporations is basically spawning off new entrepreneurial parts — essentially startups — that could provide them with badly needed innovation and nimbleness in the marketplace.

It is nice to see the man who is referred to as the guru of organizational…

I have been active in the Agile movement for more than six years and I am growing increasingly disappointed with the direction in which it is evolving.

One thing that bothers me in particular is the community’s, and many of its leaders’ infatuation with corporations. If you go to conferences, read blogs etc. it seems the biggest challenge the Agile movement faces now is how to penetrate and change the corporate world. It seems thought leaders of Agile want to create an “Agile Corporation” — a corporation that would somehow still be nimble, innovative and humane, while simultaneously employing thousands…

Switzerland is associated primarily with banks, expensive wristwatches and chocolate. It is certainly not seen as Europe’s startup incubator. London and Berlin gather all the spotlight with everyone else failing off the radar.

I also viewed Switzerland in this way until I started to visit more often, attend events and talk to some founders and investors. This changed my perspective.

Now I believe Switzerland is the country that has the highest potential to become the Europe’s startup hub, because it provides three crucial components needed for them to flourish.


20% of people living in Switzerland now are foreign-born (source). Since…

A Baltic sunset / Andy Brandt

or the Gusts of Improbability

Over the years I have developed a high-level meta-model of how things develop through time. I found it to be applicable both to my own life and to events on the historical level. This model is actually very simple, but I have found it to be helpful in understanding the reality around me and making good decisions.

Here it is: for the most part things progress almost linearly — they are in a stable state. Changes within that state are only incremental, almost unnoticeable on a daily level. However, from time to time we enter an unstable state when many…

Andy Brandt

Thinker, leader, coach helping people grow and do insanely great work. Passionate about startups and technology.

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