4th of July

Slaking the thirst in a parched state

Saw elk playing in the woods.

Caught trout on elk hair caddis in three different rivers.

Drove almost 1,000 miles.

Camped out of necessity.

Looked at the state of Washington from many angles. From all of them I thought: you are one dehydrated state.

Watched for rattlesnakes.

Never slept past 4 a.m.

Learned to like iced coffee.

Spent too many hours in triple digit heat.

Had conversations with Mt. Rainier. Had conversations with Ava. Neither could hear me.

Listened to McCartney’s “Ram” and Gene Clark’s “No Other” a lot.

Hung out with a deer.

Walked the PCT for a good 40 steps.

Was lulled to sleep by the American River.

Took pictures.

Mt. Rainier
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