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There are mornings when you wake up and want to take over the world. And then there are mornings when you wake up at 3AM and wish you could go back to sleep because you know that after you check your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, last night’s game, your work email, your personal email, and maybe your book sales from the previous day, you’re going to run out of worlds to save or ways to digitally dominate the coming day.

And then you look at the clock at the lower right hand corner of your laptop screen and cringe because it’s only 3:39 AM. …

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Title design by a friend of mine who is a PhotoShop Wizard

Hi. I wrote a book for law school applicants and students. It’s called Most Law School Advice is Bullshit and it’s on Amazon.

I think it’s the best book out there for both categories of people.

I’d be honored if you would purchase a copy (and maybe like 1,000 for your friends. )


As always, let me know how I can help you on your life or law school journey.

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Sometimes you wake up on a Friday, already talking to God, and you know it’s going to be one of those mornings.

And I’m an agnostic.

Sometimes the world is too big for me. Sometimes I feel like the feelings I have and experience were meant for someone else. Sometimes it feels like my heart is going to blow up, or cave under the weight of what I have to bear every passing moment.

Sometimes it feels like the moments are too fragile, too small, for the feelings my heart contains.

And yet there I am. There you are.

Sometimes you think about all the deep shit you’re going to write on Medium once you get to work, and when you punch the keys, all the eloquence vanishes from your mind in a cloud of smoke. …


Andy Brink

Author. Attorney. Dude.

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