There are mornings when you wake up and want to take over the world. And then there are mornings when you wake up at 3AM and wish you could go back to sleep because you know that after you check your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, last night’s game, your work email, your personal email, and maybe your book sales from the previous day, you’re going to run out of worlds to save or ways to digitally dominate the coming day.

And then you look at the clock at the lower right hand corner of your laptop screen and cringe because it’s…

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Hi. I wrote a book for law school applicants and students. It’s called Most Law School Advice is Bullshit and it’s on Amazon.

I think it’s the best book out there for both categories of people.

I’d be honored if you would purchase a copy (and maybe like 1,000 for your friends. )

As always, let me know how I can help you on your life or law school journey.

  • Andy

Sometimes you wake up on a Friday, already talking to God, and you know it’s going to be one of those mornings.

And I’m an agnostic.

Sometimes the world is too big for me. Sometimes I feel like the feelings I have and experience were meant for someone else. Sometimes it feels like my heart is going to blow up, or cave under the weight of what I have to bear every passing moment.

Sometimes it feels like the moments are too fragile, too small, for the feelings my heart contains.

And yet there I am. There you are.


(The following is a letter that I wrote to both the CEO and President of HEB Grocery stores. I never intended to publish it / make it an article, but in order to share with Scott McClelland, the President, on Twitter, I had to put it in article form first. In my article, I list 10 ideas I have for HEB, my local grocery store. I redacted some personal details.)

Dear Mr. McClelland,

My name is Andy Brink. I’m a lawyer practicing in Sugar Land. HEB is the only grocery store my family and I shop at. …

Check out the published article on The National Jurist’s website here.

This article lists 5 starting points for evaluating your decision on where to attend law school, divorced from the law school prestige or rankings.


Law school prestige is a myth. There, I said it. I’m not saying I don’t believe in it at all. To some extent law school prestige may be real. Who knows? There might be individuals, perhaps even hiring partners or judges looking for clerks, who make their decisions based on an applicant’s educational pedigree.

My point is that talking about the “best” law schools…

((Teeth spacing not to scale))

This morning I was reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic, her most recent, about the creative process.

It’s a marvelous book: hilarious, insightful, and challenging. Most of all, it’s gentle, which is something that my oft-uptight creativity craves.

Towards the end, Gilbert writes about how people with busy lives struggle to find the time to be creative.

She references a letter that Herman Melville, the celebrated author of Moby-Dick, wrote to Nathaniel Hawthorne, another famous American writer.

In the letter, Melville laments that he can’t find the time to do the work he longs to do. …

14 Tips to Help You Pass the Hardest Test of All-Time

I’ve taken 2 bar exams in my life. I’ve passed both. By Federal law, I’m thereby entitled to bother you with my list of tips, tricks, and hacks for preparing for your impeding bar exam. If my advice doesn’t work for you (after an honest try), please discard and forge your own path forward. Without further ado, here are my 14, twice-tested tips for preparing for the bar exam. It goes without saying that you should be taking a bar exam study course. Please don’t try to climb the Mount Everest that is the bar exam on your own. And…

Why you should ditch the rankings, stop worrying about the “best” law school, and focus on these 10 factors instead

Author’s note: After you read this article, you may get the sense that I don’t believe law school “prestige” exists. This may have been the wrong tone to take with the piece because to some extent law school prestige may be real. There are surely individuals, perhaps even hiring partners, who make their decisions based in part or in whole on their perception of prestige.

My point with the article below is that the discussion about the “best” law schools or which law schools are “more prestigious” than others is a straw man. Ranking educational experiences and attempting to quantify…

“How can I get into the best law school?” It’s the question I’m asked most in my conversations, either in person or online, when I talk to law school applicants. What is striking to me is the assumption that there is a direct correlation between the prestige of the law school and the future success and happiness of someone who attends said law school.I have done very few things of note in my life, outside of ask my wife to marry me. (In what can be classified only as a substantial lapse of judgment, she said “Yes!”). However, I did…

Law school can be hazardous to your health. Though law schools are wonderful places, the grind of a three year legal education can take its toll on the bodies and minds of the students. Stress is a malady that plagues law school campuses. It stalks law students from many different angles. The unrelenting immediacy of law school life fosters stress. These are your deadlines, your daily assignments, your ever-present struggle to stay afloat, to tread water. Future worries also cause stress. These are your questions like “What am I going to do after law school?” “How will my grades affect…

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