An Introduction

I read an interesting article about Medium recently and have decided to give it a whirl. To briefly introduce myself, I am a twenty nine year old writer from Leeds, England. Last year, my debut novel Bright Lights and White Nights was released, published by Proverse. It is a crime comedy caper, set in Hong Kong where I lived for three years. To try and garner some interest / flog a few more copies of the book, I started writing Monday Musings, a weekly blog, which was well received. I have also written a number of articles for Leeds City Magazine.

You can read these here:

To summarize, I discuss whatever comes to my head which usually comprises of everyday nonsense and nostalgic tales from a largely misspent youth. I have stuck my entire back catalogue of blogs on Medium and would be delighted if people had a browse through. With about six months’ worth of material, you could, if you fancied, have a Game of Thrones box-set esque binge? I’ll continue to upload new material although I’ve belatedly began my second book so this will likely be sporadic.

Any feedback would be appreciated, so feel free to send me a message on here or email me at



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