Room to Read

These last few weeks in the UK we have been debating SAT’s. Should we be demanding our 11 year olds understand what a ‘subordinating conjunction’ is when even the UK Prime Minister doesn’t? Are our kids under too much pressure or alternatively are expectations too low? Or I would add — In a world where Siri or Google can answer any question in seconds, does knowledge really matter or are skills and the ability to learn more important?

It is a good debate and one we should be having, but we are very privileged to be able to have it.

Quality of life, health and economic opportunity all depend on education, and right now an education crisis remains in low-income countries. Literacy is the foundation for all future learning, yet nearly 800 million people are illiterate, and 2/3 are women and girls - Room to read.

800m can not read and/or write. No Googling for them, and apparently if every child received an education, 170 million people would be lifted out of poverty. Crazy, but exciting.

## 200 MILES

In order to help raise awareness and some funds for these issues , this June, I will be on a bike, cycling over 200 miles from Paris to London with a group called TechBikers, to raise money for Room to Read, a charity that focused on these exact issues.

£50k is our goal, and I am committed to contributing at least £500 — but that sounds like a very small contribution so I am hoping you can help me smash that. All money goes direct to Room to Read as the trip is paid for by participants and sponsors.

I know I know, it’s so cliche to be doing something fun with a group of cool people raise money, and while 200miles seems like a very (very) long way to me, I know some of you (like Dave from WalkInSolidarity) will be like “meh, 300km on a bike… try 4350km on your frickin feet”…. But the moral of the story here is you should donate to both causes.

So, if you can support me with however much you can give, in order to raise for Room to Read that would be amazing appreciated. You know, means-tested donation. (Like, if you are a billionaire I am expecting at least $3k; or if you work at Zenga, then I’m sorry, probably best to keep as much of your money as possible just in case — maybe just give donate a few $.)


If you care to follow me through life you should not be surprised if I end up gravitating towards education-hacking more and more, becuase when you really think about what our civilization is built upon is there anything more important?

Focusing on childhood literacy is one of the most effective ways to improve living standards across the globe and that is what Room to Read do.

Pretty cool right?


All your donations will go straight to Room to Read, who have a ‘Four Star Rating’ from Charity Navigator nine years in a row. Basically that means they spend money super efficiently to actually have an impact.


Techbikers is a group of tech-startup-geeks (some of who can ride a bike and some of who can not) who have decided to do a long cycle in France (naturally, so we feel like we are on the tour) in order to raise some $$bills for people who need it more than we do.


If you would be so kind, head over to just-giving and press that ‘donate’ button. Choose random number that represents how much you like me and how much you care about the children (no pressure), double that number, check your bank balance to be sure you can afford it, do it anyway.



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