Christmas cards v digital greetings

An interesting discussion on BBC Breakfast this morning about Christmas cards v digital greetings and that physical cards are in decline. The problem with digital greetings of course is that they can’t be easily displayed around your home, you can’t hang them on the mantelpiece or stand them on a hallway table.

In the future I’m sure we will all have screens integrated into the fabric of our homes so there will be more opportunities to display digital content more naturally and outside the confides of our computers, tablets or phones.

But for now it’s more of a challenge, our Chromecast will run a slide show of a Flickr feed but it can’t pull in content from all of my social platforms, I have to switch HDMI to get to the Chromecast anyway, in the same way you have to with Apple TV. That’s cumbersome and off putting. Even a Smart Tv screensaver function isn’t ideal because you have to set a time of inactivity for it to come on, but you maybe inactive for 30mins because your watching a show and it interrupts your show!

It’s a challenge, maybe have old tablets set up around your home displaying a Storify feed slideshow of Christmas greetings / content? With a Sonos style system to be able to manage what content is displayed on each tablet? Im not sure but it’s an interesting problem to solve.

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