Andres Abroad: Take What You Can Carry

My suitcases for my trip to Nagoya

Here we go again. These two suitcases will hold most of my possessions for the next 5 months. It’s a sight and a way of life I’ve gotten used to since I started my travels abroad.

Living out of what you can fit in a suitcase is challenging. I’ve never been someone who considers themselves attached to large amounts of stuff, but living like this changes your perspective on that really quickly. When I came home from Barcelona I was shocked and a little embarrassed that I had to give away most of my clothes and tons of books just so the ones I did want to keep could come home with me. Even this time around, my clothes for the next five months took up more room than I thought.

Seeing the amount of stuff I can fit though, it has given me perspective on the amount of stuff we accumulate if we let ourselves. Stuff holds memories, and other than pictures it is probably the best way to keep those memories intact. When I come home and have a place set up for myself I hope to have plenty of things to remind me of my travels and my life, but maybe not too much. I never know when the travel bug will call again and I’ll be drawn out into the world with only what I can fit into a couple suitcases.