Currently tinkering with the idea of a handover bot that allows people to drop in key points/summary of the days events which then gets presented to people when they come online.
Feel it. Not figured it out either but we’re trying.
Marcelo Hudson

Have you explored using iDoneThis? It’s one of the most helpful tools we adopted for remote working. Every evening, you get an email which you reply to with a list of things you completed; and every morning, the team’s “done digest” goes out to your whole team.

We don’t use the emails, instead we chose to integrate it with Slack, to our #standup channel. The Slack integration also supports entering your dones by typing /done.

I highly recommend it for keeping awareness of what your team is working on. It also works really well alongside calendar and Github integrations.

The ideal on top of all of this is a daily synchronous check-in using your favourite video calling software. I think the facetime makes a big difference when your team is distributed. There’s a kind of empathy and communication that’s only enabled by seeing somebody’s face or hearing their voice.