Recipe for disaster
Lloyd Shepherd

But isn’t it the BBC management’s strategy to use the soft-funding of the license fee to expand into other areas and then blame others when forced to retrench?

On one hand the management claim everyone loves the BBC but they’re unwilling to put that to the test but changing their funding model — digital TV was the ideal time to move from the license fee (essentially a tax on TVs) to a subscription model.

I don’t see how the BBC can win under the current funding model — they justify the license fee on the grounds of public interest broadcasting while using it to fund popular programs to compete against the other channels, but of course if they don’t produce popular programs the license fee becomes harder to justify.

Most of the TV we watch in our house comes from Amazon, or Netflix, with only the odd bit of terrestrial (about to disconnect our Freeview recorder)

I suspect this is going to be increasingly the case and publicly at least the BBC management don’t seem to know what to do about it.

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