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Jon Westenberg 🌈

Chan’s credibility in Oz “fraction of US”

I was nodding along with most of his article until I got to the comment “There are so many startups getting funded in San Francisco versus here, which means you can hire a top engineer at a fraction of the cost.”

Normally when people say “fraction of X” they don’t mean half, they mean a “small fraction”. Australian salaries across the board are relatively high and, even though software engineering has stagnated a bit for years, you are still looking at at least AU $120K for a good engineer (including the 9% mandatory superannuation). Yes the dollar takes that down to about $85K US but I wouldn’t dismiss that as “a fraction of the cost”.

These salaries and working conditions are not a recent change. If he misunderstood this much about Australia, what else has he missed?

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