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Dear VC — Please say Where.

I just read another really great piece of content marketing from a VC. Seriously, I got a little warm feeling and an instant (platonic) crush.

Whilst this article from Precursor Ventures was well-written and had a couple of minor points of general interest, it was basically selling me on them as a VC.

Except, I don’t know if they would be interested in my startup because they didn’t say in what geographies they operate. I’m in Perth, Western Australia.

I don’t want to get to the point of assuming Silicon Valley unless you say you look further afield.

So, dear content-marketing VCs and Angels, please take a few seconds to clarify your areas of interest, ideally both demographic and geographic.

If you don’t want to do that in your articles, not even in a footer, please make it really easy to find in your website. If you’re undecided, say so. Tell us that you’re primarily SV-oriented but open to consider other US startups or even, gasp, open to non-US startups.

The folks at FFVC do a great job of that — their About page spells out the overall and their portfolio lets you filter by geography among other factors.

Or, just maybe, I’m missing the point and this is another one of those founder filters which is supposed to demonstrate my seriousness by being willing to spend time digging deeper. The thing is, I’m really really busy and there are so many of you writing content now.

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