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Medium aspires to empower individual voices and avoid the bureaucracy that often accompanies traditional organizational structures. As a result we have explored new management philosophies as we figure out what fits us best and what will scale. For the last few years we’ve applied a system called Holacracy. Recently we decided to move beyond Holacracy and wanted to talk directly about our experience with the system and where we go next.

Holacracy is designed to move companies away from rigid corporate structures and toward decentralized management and dynamic composition. Teams are largely self-organized, and individuals operate with a fair amount…

We are pleased to announce that Medium recently raised $57 million in capital. The round was led by new partner Andreessen Horowitz with significant participation from Google Ventures and Greylock Partners, who also led our Series A. We are also fortunate to count Obvious Ventures, The Chernin Group, and a number of our Series A angels as investors this round. And, of course, Ev, who founded Medium and remains our majority shareholder. This investment strengthens Medium for the foreseeable future and allows us to continue, heads down, running hard to fully realize our vision.

Medium was created in 2012 and…

Andy Doyle

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