To Cover or Not Cover the Pavilion? Buyer Beware

The public voted to redevelop Riverfront Park — now we deserve to know what we bought and have input into the choices being made. We need public meetings now!

Check out this fork in the road:

No Cover: This option makes events under the tent weather dependent, and that’s bad for the bottom line. And if it costs more to operate Riverfront Park, that means less money for neighborhood parks, recreational programming and senior centers. Do we want to take the risk?

Cover: This means you increase Pavilion costs to the 24 million dollars allocated in the master plan budget. But remember, the South Bank projects are already 11 million dollars over the master plan budget. So if you go down this road you’ll run out of funds before you get to the North Bank, which includes a destination playground, gateway to the city’s northside and other amenities. The other choice would be to make the North Bank a future phase fully dependent on fundraising. Are you willing to give up the North Bank? Should we fundraise?

I’m running for City Council to bring transparency and community input to Spokane. Let’s have public meetings and work together to make Riverfront Park Redevelopment a success.

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