Creativity and Mediums

I am waiting for a friend and opened the Medium App. As I scrolled through the most recommended posts of the day, my finger hovered over a button I had seen but never considered before: “Write”

I don’t write blogs from my phone, I scrawl notes or send myself emails with outlines or quotes to include the next time I get time to sit at my laptop and publish a post.

But then I clicked on the Write button and a blank screen with a flashing cursor greeted me. A familiar sight. A triggered memory of all other times I’ve created something with that kind of beginning. And so I wrote a first sentence and then another and then this one.

I was reminded in this exercise that we typically expand why we create to the space we give ourselves. But that we must see things differently if we are to expand our creative energies in all the ways that are now possible. Especially across mediums that we are still learning and understanding their potential they way I am with Medium.

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