You should try and understand the difference between a link (<a>) and button (<button> or <input…
Adam Silver

Some absolutists would say you’ve styled that as a button. And that you’ve done it wrong.

These people are concerned about:
 (1) sighted users of voice-control AT (like Dragon), who have to specify different commands for button and link

(2) sighted users who want to be able to predict the behaviour of the control (what context menu they get, whether it modifies state etc).

Those seem like quite reasonable concerns.

Ghost buttons are not obviously a link to sighted users. Is it a button or a link? What context menu do I get? What Dragon command do I need?

This concerns some people a lot. To satisfy these people you need to:

(1) markup your elements as <a> and <button> according to the rules that <a> navigates and <button> modifies state (on the page or the server)

(2) make the visual semantics of your control match the markup semantics, so buttons must be button-like (background, border, lighting effects) and anchors must be text, preferably underlined and blue.

These seem like worthy goals. But can they be met with the web we have today? Are they viable? Are they the right goals? If they are, they’re just not meetable, so what’s the best we can do? Are there better goals?

Sorry, I’m stealing your post about cursors and asking something bigger :D

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