Is Poor Journalism Letting the Government Off the Hook?

The report in the Guardian (link here that the Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt has no power to “impose” new contracts on junior contracts came as no surprise to me.

It was reported a few weeks ago that some Foundation NHS Trusts may choose not to implement the new contract. When I heard this I thought that Hunt’s imposition threat to impose was all hot air. However, how come it’s taken a solicitor’s letter, leaked to the Guardian, to reveal what was obvious?

Some poor journalism is also responsible here, or the fact that most journalists seem, for some bizarre reason, to take everything that this Government says as gospel. Osborne gets away with much more than Hunt and with very little scrutiny. Remember the money he won back from the EU a couple of years back, only the FT reported it for the bunkum it was.

Mind you, people get the journalists they deserve (as well the Govt they deserve).

It would appear that journalists are simply part of the establishment they report on and therefore are choosing not to rock the boat.

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