Osborne’s Budget – Smoke & Mirrors as Always

Since when has an announcement about the type of schools we have ever been a central part of the Budget? Ask yourself that, and then ask yourself why the Chancellor is making this front and centre? Could it be because he’s robbing your pension and doesn’t want you to notice? Could it be that he wants to take the headlines away from more cuts, cuts that his own previous policies have led to? Could it be that he wants to hide the stealth tax rises that are coming your way? Tax rises that are needed because he has missed every single target he has set?

We are sleepwalking into a world of privatised healthcare, privatised education, privatised policing, privatised prisons, alongside more insecure employment, zero hours contracts, less rights at work and unaffordable housing coupled with higher rents. All this on top of local democracy being eviscerated.

I’m 52, I may manage to live through this relatively unscathed although I fear for the future of elderly care should I need it. But my kids and my grand children? Your kids and your grandchildren? They will look back at the ashes of what we used to call Great Britain after we are long gone and they will rightly ask “why?”.