This crisis is not about Panama, it’s about Cameron

This is a crisis not about Panama or tax avoidance, it is a crisis about Cameron himself.

Just a quick look at the headlines above, taken from over the past four years or so, should tell you all you need to know about David Cameron and the way he runs his government.

This may have been a crisis that started with the Panama leaks but the hole that Cameron now finds himself in has bee excavated entirely by himself.

Cameron’s big error here is to talk the talk but not walk the walk. His background and upbringing have conferred a privilege on him that generated the opportunity to make millions of pounds. This is by a country mile far more than any ordinary member of UK society can hope to achieve over a lifetime.

This is not about the politics of envy this is entirely about the fact that Cameron seeks to pretend that he is something he is not. And this is done entirely for political gain.

He is an Eton educated posh boy and in some senses he needs to start behaving like one rather than pretending to be this “man of the people”. This pretence was beautifully exposed early on in his career when he was filmed adjusting a charity/”good cause” bracelet so the cameras could see it. Again he supports Aston Villa, or is it West Ham? He hugs a hoodie, cuddles Huskies and says we’re all in this together, when patently, as Osborne’s budget shows, this is far from the truth.

I think that Cameron will survive this but only because he has said he is going anyway. The knives will no doubt be sharpening on the Tory backbenchers. However, they will be hurled at Cameron’s back with far more intensity by ordinary Tory party members who, in a recent poll of Cabinet popularity done by the Conservative Home website, seem to favour, by some considerable margin, pro-Brexit Ministers (link to poll results here His partner in crime, George Osborne, is at the very bottom of this popularity poll after his über-shambles of a budget.

Cameron is giving the opposition ammunition to attack him over his stance on tax and tax avoidance, but, more crucially, he is giving his many enemies in his own party a better reason to attack him – his personal flaws and his increasing incompetence.