Why I’m not Childfree: Or, Why I Don’t Let the Haters Define Me
Kel Campbell

Awesome Label!! I need to think of one for myself that doesn’t include the word “old,” though that keeps coming to mind

To your point, I’ve never understood the vilification, both ways, of those who made a life choice, such as having or not having children. Your choices are yours and you owe nothing to me, nor I to you, or any other unless your choices impinge upon my ability to freely choose and live the life I desire, or are apt to cause harm to others around you.

After a lot of discussion and soul searching, my wife and I decided to stop at one child. We had a multitude of reasons, too many to list in the end, but you’d have thought we murdered the one child we did have when people found out. We didn’t broadcast it, or tattoo it on our foreheads, but after our son was a year or two old, the questions of a “brother or sister” started. It even degraded to the point where some family members were coaching our son to say he wanted a baby brother or sister. Of course, once we told him he’d get to help change diapers, he changed his mind.

I guess, in the end, the Childfree, the “Childfew”, and the “Childfull” need to step back and realize that their choices are their own and projecting your choices on others is a type of tyranny.