Optimise Apple Music Offline Storage and Automatic downloads

With the new IOS10 release there was mention of the ability to optimise your Music storage. IOS will automatically remove music from your device that you do not listen to for a while. However the instructions on how to do this are a little vague. I have found the option and also how you can set IOS to always make your music available offline.

The options are not available from within the Music App itself. Instead you need to head to Settings > Music

On the next screen you can “Show Apple Music” and also use “iCloud Music Library”. I should mention I am a subscriber. I am unsure if this affects the options available.

If you scroll down on this screen you have additional options.

Downloaded Music — This shows you all songs you have downloaded to your device and how much space they are using.

Optimise Storage — This allows you to specify the minimum amount of songs that should be kept on your device. You can select anything from None to 64GB. Your choice will depend on how many songs you think you need and the capacity of your device.

Automatic Downloads — This is the best new feature of Apple Music. If you enable this anytime you add a song it will automatically be downloaded. This is no longer the two step option it used to be.