Building to Independence on Top of Other Platforms
Josh Elman

For anyone interested in the original video the slides are based off of, here it is on Youtube:

Josh, would you say the strategy changes at all if you’re building on a B2B platform like Salesforce, Atlasssian or Slack? I’d imagine that it’s less likely that a Platform will want to crush you if they can just take a cut of a your subscription revenue, basically outsourcing one of those features 20–1,000 to your team.

One last question — from your experience do you think a platform investing in a startup makes the platform entity any less likely to want to crush the startup they have equity in? For example, Slack invests in a startup that’s somewhat in the wheelhouse of their core competency, communication. It might make sense to move into that startup’s space as the need for growth of the core platform continues, but they are invested in it so they are effectively destroying their own equity if they take that startup down. Would love to hear your thoughts if you don’t mind sharing. Thanks!

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