Welcome to Binary Britain

It was sad to see how Gina Miller vilified by the media.

Rather than trying to thwart Brexit, Gina was protecting the democratic principle of sovereignty; the same sovereignty the majority voted to ‘take back control’ of from Europe.

Unfortunately, the nuances of her actions were lost on many. In the wake of the EU referendum, our ability to see the grey has diminished. Instead political discourse has been reduced to yes or no, black or white, either or. The rise of populism has exasperated this. The middle ground is for losers. Welcome to binary Britain.

A successful Brexit will come down to how the bit in the middle is debated and thrashed out. As is often in life, the real answers are rarely just black or white. Attempting to shut down those who dare discuss the ‘grey’ and demonising them as undemocratic or traitors, isn’t helping any of us in the long run.

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