The May Doctrine, Elites and Informal Progressive Alliances

The May Doctrine

Last week I attended a talk on the tension between parliamentary democracy and referendums (less geeky than it sounds). The speaker, Nat La Roux, explained The May Doctrine, which is Theresa May’s belief that the mandate delivered by the European Referendum is so strong (emphatically clear in fact), that it can not be questioned by parliament or the judiciary.

Whilst the democratic purity of such a view is honourable (albeit unconstitutional), the real truth behind the matter is perhaps what we learnt from today’s Brexit memo.

After all, is it really a surprise to learn that the government has no plan for Brexit? Isn’t this what we knew all along and is in fact the real reason why May is attempting to bulldoze Article 50 through, without any parliamentary scrutiny?

Elite in Sheep’s Clothing

Here’s the thing about the populist right.

They want us to think it is they who are the anti-establishment.

Whether it be Nigel Farage emancipating us from a corrupt European Union, or Donald Trump saving us from a biased liberal-media; they promote themselves as champions of the masses, protecting us from the tyranny of the elite.

The fact is that there is nothing anti-establishment about Dulwich College educated, ex-stockbroker, Nigel Farage; or multi-billionaire tycoon Donald Trump.

It is they that have become the real elite we need protecting from.

Informal ProgressiveAlliance

What should have been an uneventful by-election for a seat on Crewe Town council (no disrespect Crewe), has become the subject of a social media frenzy, after UKIP candidate, Brian Silvester posted the following tweet:

What happened next was a delight to behold, as tweeps of all political persuasions, rallied around Labour candidate Natasha Maroni, increasing her followers to well over 15,000 (now that’s a progressive alliance I can get behind).

Polling day is Thursday 1 December (apparently there is another by-election taking place on the same date in Richmond Park).

By the way Brian, Labour has two hundred and thirty one MP’s, whilst UKIP has a massive one!