When everything around you falls apart, there’s no need to feel sorry. Eventually, everything will become a photo book page, dusty & long forgotten.

Do you rememember the day you were born? Maybe it was sunny, maybe a wet foggy day. It didn' t pushed you forward or kept you back.

Do you think that any of this happening to you right now, has any sort of power over your destiny? No, my friend, you are a small pile of dust, you are a moment in a vast infinity of other (just like you) ordinary moments. Like every star, your brightest light, might never land on someone’s sky…

Keep walking, ignore the pain. It will go, long, long, long before you’ll be ash.

Have faith. Be courageous. You are the only one in power in your Universe. Try to build one. You will be a Master. Explorer. Soldier. Die a thousand times, and reborn again and again. Your will is your power.

Are you consistent with something? Keep it up. Then try to move to the next challenge. Gamify your weaknesses. Build from scratch. Reinvent yourself. Be ageless.

Nothing really matters. PLAY!

(Photo credit Huawei)

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