Technology Unemployment Future Unknown…….
Parag. Walavalkar

A very thought provoking article with the artificial technology “boom” being taunted as the just being around the corner. Timely, as I was recently reading an article about driver-less cars operated by Uber. One of the successes of Uber, is that it has allowed for many people to pick up a source of relatively easy employment.

What happens to the drivers if this becomes the norms — are there other industries where they could be employed? With A.I maybe the best motto is “you cant beat ’em join ‘em” and start to focus on getting skills in IT engineering to help design the A.I!

I do think that the motivation towards AI is dependent on labour costs and for O.E.C.D countries this is definitely a factor. However, developing economies still have cheap labour costs and this I feel will mean production will still be based in these economies. Globalising companies towards newer developing markets, relates to the IP of knowledge topic you raised. I wonder how this will interact with the globalisation of markets, if the knowledge base is hosted in the cloud, does that mean the data then becomes under the jurisdiction of whatever country that hosts it?

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