Cross-cultural interactions — the good, the bad… and a couple of blunders!

The Digital Age has enabled an interconnection between global communities that is unprecedented. There are a multitude of cross cultural interactions and working in global reaching settings these will only increase in importance. As we all begin to use the same daily web services such as Facebook, Google, Reddit etc, does that then create a scenario where the world becomes more homogeneous in expectations towards values and cultures — or will communities strive to keep their cultural identity?

For businesses using marketing in differing locales, the internet has created some unintended faux paus between different cultures, like the German example you mentioned. This will be an area that will need to managed by marketing teams, as a business image now has the reach across many countries. One I recall when living in Australia, was the uproar over a KFC TV commercial. To fans down under, this was a light hearted cricket ad in time with the visiting West Indies team touring. With the global reach of the internet, this was quickly shared to the internet and was quickly cancelled, after an outcry in the USA.

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