While exciting, I can’t help but agree with the other comment here.
Austin Fisher

Thanks for the comments!

To respond to a couple of them:

1. “This is what trained technical writers do”

In a recent survey of Tech Writers by the ISTC :

- 20% of respondents were involved in “usability”

- 25% created web content

So we can probably extrapolate that yes, some Tech Writers do create UI copy, but most don’t.

2. “What other responsibilities would justify creating a separate role specifically for a UX Writer?”

A lot of smaller orgs won’t have the justification for employing a full time UX Writer. That’s why I wrote this article :)
I’d recommend reading John Saito’s hot off the press article from yesterday — https://medium.com/dropbox-design/why-your-design-team-should-hire-a-writer-24d55f1e2d4a

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