Oct 19: Stories The Should Be On Your Radar

GOP Lawmakers Call To Undo 140 Per Minute Chicken Law

The President has stayed consistent in one major arena. His administration has been relentless in undoing Obama era regulations regardless of what it is. Republican lawmakers and lobbyists are calling to end a law that requires mass chicken farms to slaughter and debone no more than 140 chickens per minute. It’s a food safety and worker safety issue according to Anthony “Marc” Perrone, president of the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union. Read the original reporting from NBC News:

98 Dogs, Mostly Chihuahuas, Rescued From Oregon Home

The Eugene Register-Guard reports that almost 100 dogs were rescued from a home in what is being called the biggest animal hoarding case in the area in 25 years. The dogs were living in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions. The dogs are now up for adoption. Read more from The Register-Guard:

Japanese Pop Star Makes PSA for Los Angeles Public Transit

Los Angeles public transit has a new PSA campaign for transit etiquette. It is in the hands of a Japanese pop singer superhero who fights off a fuzzy and inconsiderate villain. Public transit in Los Angeles is living up to the city’s reputation for showmanship. WATCH:

and see the full story from CityLab:

Puerto Rico Lack Access To Clean Water; Many Drinking Sewage.

In Puerto Rico, many have been forced to use contaminated waters that include raw sewage for drinking. Some are drinking water from condemned wells and hazardous waste sites. One-third of the U.S. Territory remains without access to municipal water sources. More than 80% of the island remains without electricity. See the full report at Vox.com

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