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The Vietnamese Zen teacher Thich Nhat Hanh uses a pepperoni pizza to explain the concept of interconnectedness, the Buddhist teaching that all people and all things are connected to each other. For 20 minutes, Thay — his nickname, meaning “teacher” — talks about everything that was necessary to bring that…

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After the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh as an associate justice of the United States Supreme Court on Saturday, my social media feeds have been peppered with some version of the same frustration: “Why bother?” “What’s the point?” “We are so screwed.”

It reminded me of a nugget of wisdom I…

“Some of my best friends are black.”

White people often trot out this old trope in defense of their support for some idea that is laced with racial undertones or, worse, as a caveat to some awful thing they’ve said about race. …

Its critics aren’t wrong. But they’re missing the value of the social network.

We’ve all heard the criticisms of social media.

“It’s an echo chamber where people only hear what confirms their views.”

“People don’t differentiate between legitimate, well-sourced news and stories that are exaggerated or even made up to…

Photo by Jamelle Bouie, via flickr

Some very important things have happened in policing in this country in the last three weeks. And none of them are good. It is imperative that we take the time to acknowledge them.

On the evening of March 18, Sacramento police tracked Stephon Clark as he walked through his neighborhood…

This burst of student-led activism was inevitable.

The night before the March For Our Lives, my daughter recalled the intruder drills she and her classmates had when they were in first grade. As they hid in their classroom, her teacher would tell them stories about her cat.

Our first graders…

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I write about issues, movements, and politics.

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