Is It Possible to Love Everyone?

Andy Hopson
Dec 1, 2016 · 1 min read

Working on a University campus exposes me to the generation that is preparing to take over the world. Contrary to the negativity the media has focused on since the presidential election, I am encouraged by what I experience on a daily basis.

A snippet of a conversation I overheard between two students today left me in deep thought. “It’s so hard to love everyone,” said one student. “I know I need to accept people who are different, but it’s not easy.”

In a period of time when there are riots in the streets, friendships are being dashed because of different political views, and immigrants are scorned, it is refreshing to observe the wisdom of these young people, openly struggling with the challenge we all face; accepting, even loving, those who are cut from a different mold than ourselves.

Imagine what an amazing world this would be if everyone looked for the good in those around them and accepted them for who they are rather than the color of their skin, their religion or political persuasion.

Yes, it is hard to love everyone, especially when a tense election has made our differences so stark. But like these students, we must try.

It’s not always easy to accept people who are different.

Andy Hopson

Written by

Andy Hopson is a marketing veteran who has worked in senior positions at some iconic advertising and public relations agencies.

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