Voting, it’s not that simple, honest.

Mention you aren’t going to vote and you will soon find people coming forth with pitchforks and flaming torches backed by a swathe of perceived reasons you might not be ticking the box; primarily apathy.

While I can empathise with apathy, there is another reason, it may be an usual stance to take, and I don’t think it gets considered.

When you live by a doctrine where facts and knowledge are king, you make important decisions on the back of sufficient research. To meet this precondition in the political domain the research would take many months of sifting through, substantiating (or not), the shit turned out by politicians, in the hope of making a genuinely informed decision.

Living by these standards I find it hard to value the vote of anyone who doesn't undertake this task, least of all myself.

I will be voting, but it will be an uncomfortable compromise.

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