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Abhimanyu Dubey

I think they focus on the wrong threats, as in the Terminator movie type threat.

To me, the most powerful threat is in mind shaping. Given that the internet is now fairly closed and most of our interaction is through commercial systems (facebook, twitter etc.). When I wrote 2043 I tried to imagine developments in computing power, but also scientific progress.

I think by 2043 it will be possible to very strongly influence individuals. Not in the “brainwashing” sense, but certainly in the sense of us losing control of who we are. To a certain extent I think this happens already.

This might sound far fetched, but it is really hard to imagine breakthroughs. The commercial advantages? When you see that advertisement your mind has been prepared over the preceding months to receive its message and change your mind accordingly.

I think it is AI + Moore’s Law + neuroscience that is the real worry.