Three reasons for a rapid uptake of brain implants

Once the technology of neural implants is mature, why will they be rapidly adopted? After all, it is fairly confronting to insert stuff into your brain.

1. Disconnection anxiety

How many times have you heard the phrase uttered usually with an edge of panic: “where is my phone?” Similarly, the “fear of missing out”. As our lives become lived in the network as distinct from lives connected by the network then there is a simple solution. Always inside you, always connected.

2. That clunky headset.

Virtual reality, augmented reality. Do you really want to have to wear that clunky headset? Do you want to wear those glasses? No. Of course you don’t. Not needed with the implants.

3. Education: your child can’t survive without them.

In the modern economy, only the intelligent get jobs. Which is a drama for those who are born without the mental horsepower. Implants can recreate democracy. Very soon after the first toddler appears at kindergarten with the augmented intelligence of the implants, word will spread. Your child can’t compete without them. So even though it is very expensive, you will pay for the operation and get them inserted.

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