It’s kick off for One Team Gov Midlands

At an event last September, bringing together public sector people from across the Midlands, a small group of people came together and said we want to start a Midlands OneTeamGov group. (Me, Sarah Slack, Scott McMullen and Simon Manby to name but a few)

Fast forward 6 months and we held the first event in Birmingham on 9 April. It was typically un-conference in style with no agenda. The people there made up the agenda. And we had a lot of people, over 150 turned up from local councils, government departments and private organisations, all there for one thing. To make government work better.

If you came and took part, a really big thank you is in order!

Everyone needs a OneTeamGov lanyard!

In a nod to the OneTeamGov Global event last July, we got everyone to write on a record card what they wanted to talk about. If you’re unfamiliar with what happens next, here’s some mansplaining for you…

  • Write on a card what you want to talk about
  • Join up with someone else and discuss each other’s cards and then swap cards
  • score the other persons card out of 5
  • Repeat four more times
  • Add up the scores you should have a score somewhere between 5 and 25.
  • Start with the highest scoring cards and set up sessions to then discuss those highest rated cards.
Video courtesy of SWJPhotography

Depending on your numbers you may just want to choose one or two cards to be the focus for conversations. If you have a lot of people, you may be able to have lots of sessions.

Group talking about sharing transformation knowledge

Either way, people can then choose what sessions they want to go and get involved in.

Everyone is encouraged to get involved, share ideas and maybe come up with some actions to take away and work on.

At the end of the sessions each group presented back and was then scored as the one to take forward to the next event.

Jane Fallon of the West Midlands Combined Authority presenting her groups ideas back

We chose the 4 highest scoring sessions and everyone went off to discuss things they were most passionate about.

The group I was involved in had “how can we learn from each other’s transformation journeys” this led to lots of conversations about people, projects, change and everything in between.

After our presentations at the end, ours was voted the one to take forward to the next event.

I have taken an action away to set up a design crit day for the Midlands around June. If you’re interested in taking part, drop me a message.

A design crit is when designers, whether content, interaction or service designers can have their work critiqued, and critique others in a safe environment.

You can follow us on Twitter at OneTeamGovMids and the main OneTeamGov website.