Why I am Bowled Over by HyperBowling!

Andy Kinsey

Back in May, I was lucky enough to test out the new tenpin bowling game that is HyperBowl at the opening of Hollywood Bowl Lakeside. Ever since, I’ve been thinking about HyperBowling and how it can change the face of tenpin bowling in the years to come.

First, I need to be clear — I am at best … your average Joe bowler, I was trounced by my friends at normal bowling and that tends to be the norm. However, playing HyperBowling the games and scoring is much more fun and is about using the bumpers, multipliers and generally about having a laugh together. Its much more engaging overall than your average game of bowling.

Second, because I don’t drive right now, I am a 45 min commute to my nearest bowling alley. I play once in a bluemoon and its a special trip that takes me there — or I play in the city centre. With all this said, can HyperBowl change tenpin bowling?

HyperBowling — Multiplier Game
HyperBowling — Multiplier Game
Bouncing Means Multipliers!

What is HyperBowling?

Put simply, HyperBowling is a blend of tenpin bowling and gaming which makes it fun for all the family and for groups of friends in particular, making it really appealling for gen z and younger.

The basics (as explained by qubicaamf, who operate the platform): The lights on the bumpers create moving targets that players aim to hit (or avoid). There are multiple games, each with its own unique set of challenges and levels that are easy to learn. You must hit the bumper to score! The colorful targets on the bumpers are each worth a different multiplier value (2X, 3X,…) and each pin knocked down is worth 100 points. So, a 2X multiplier and 8 pins down scores 1,600 points! But watch out, the red target always results in a 0 score.

Sounds complicated? it’s really not — here it is broken down by Hollywood Bowl :)

  • Hit the coloured target on the lanes
  • Each coloured target is a multiplier
  • Coloured targets are: Green x 2, Blue x 3, Gold/Yellow x 5, Purple x 10
  • Each pin knocked down = a score of 100 (2 pins = 200, 4 pins = 400)
  • Total score for throw = multiplier x pins score
  • ‘3x’ x 900 = 2700. This equals: Blue x (9 pins x 100) = 2700
  • Beware of fouls, throw too hard and it’s a zero
  • Hit the red target and you score a zero

As you can see HyperBowl is really easy to play and understand for anyone involved. Its really accessible and this means everyone can enjoy it. As mentioned above, someone like me (an average/rubbish player) can do fairly well at the games too which means it’s appealing all round too.

HyperBowling Logo
HyperBowling Logo
HyperBowling Logo

Who is HyperBowling for?

Anyone can play and win HyperBowling.

HyperBowling can be enjoyed by pretty much anyone who wants to bowl, a group of friends or family. Its perfect for a celebration, get together or just a night out. HyperBowling is easy to take part in and definately a good laugh for everyone involved.

Just like the classic tenpin game it usually takes about 10 minutes per person to play a game of HyperBowling and brands holding the game in the UK suggest around 6 people per lane max).

Is HyperBowl Going To Change TenPin Bowling?

My thoughts (let me make that clear), Claissic TenPin is here to stay — with hundreds of alleys across the UK, HyperBowl isn’t about to take the UK by storm today.

However, as an additional set of 4 games on offer that can appeal to new generations (and exisiting bowlers) HyperBowling is a fantastic offering. It may well change the face of TenPin bowling over the next 5 to 10 years as it makes the game much much accessible to all ages and skill levels — and the great news that comes from this is that it means the industry can grow further and I don’t just mean the big brands who can afford the technology.

HyperBowling make be open to all skill levels, but think about this… If HyperBowling engages at all levels, particularly the young and they get hooked on TenPin Bowling then they are likely to be hooked for a very long time. They will be repeat customers not only visiting multiple times per year, but their entire life, bringing friends and family throughout. This won’t just be to that venue offering HyperBowl (big brands) but smaller venues too, HyperBowl therefore supports the whole industry and this can only be great news all round.

HyperBowl is going to change bowling, it is going to make it more accessible to everyone — that can only be a good thing.

Andy Kinsey

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SEO Consultant, From that there Manchester, UK. Also social & political voice. Views are my own… https://www.andykinsey.com - www.smithfieldagency.com

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