Something quite important — Part 7


The cat is out of the bag.

I had been admonished for writing about it here. They didn’t want anything about the story until the Press Office had published it. So, I had to pretend it had been leaked. By me.

The story is on the BBC website. It has featured on. BBC South TV, BBC Radio Oxford and The World Tonight on Radio 4. It will be in The Times this morning.

It has featured in The Cherwell independent student newspaper:

So, how do I feel about all this?

To start off with I felt proud. I felt that I had done something amazing. All the feedback I have been getting certainly supports this.

But the reality is that I have done nothing. I have loaned a kid a violin. I do that all the time. There’s nothing to it.

The reality is that Aboud Kaplo is still a refugee living in dire circumstances. His family are still living in limbo. There are still millions of homeless Syrian refugees.

I feel like shit.

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