Covid-19: Too Fast, Too Soon

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National Economy

Washington is back in session as the Senate is bringing to the floor a second-round stimulus bill of 3T dollars. That is a ton of money — a 3 with a staggering twelve “ 0’s ” behind it. The Republican party will certainly have plenty of issues to present, as most feel we have not seen the true economic impact of the 2T dollar package. That’s the short answer. The longer answer is I believe it will pass, and we will have flooded the economy with 5T in spending capital, via direct payment to American households.

The question: Where is the money being spent, as much of the economy is not “back to business?” Here are a few observations:

Unemployment reached a staggering 35M Americans without a job. Companies deemed essential remain hard at work, most service companies have been able to adapt via remote work and many small businesses are just out-of-luck; short-term.

One of the Big-4 airlines is retiring their entire fleet of 777 jets. It’s reported there may be 7,000 pilots out of work by the end of 2020. Eunice Yun, CNBC Beijing, reported she flew May 13, 2020 and her temperature was checked five times from entering the airport to boarding; however, physical distancing was not required on public transit train lines. Perhaps the best news for America is in the sports arena.

NASCAR ran it’s first race at Darlington Motor Speedway yesterday, it was televised and distancing measures in place of course. A former driver and analyst felt that NASCAR would gain new viewers and fans, due to the lack of other sports content. One of the most successful restaurateurs is keeping his restaurants closed in New York, but keeping his burger joint, Shake Shack, open.

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Local Economy

In my home state of North Carolina, we are beginning Phase I this week. There have been some designated sites where people can drive through — much like a DUI checkpoint — and be tested. Restaurants are opening to the public this weekend. Some stores at malls and outlet malls are open. At the major retailers (Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depot, etc.) counting measures and not a requirement, but wearing a mask is strongly suggested. It was deemed unconstitutional for Governor Roy Cooper to restrict and enforce a “gathering limit” with respect to churches — not more than 10 people gathering in one place — as he had mandated in the general public.

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The Rub — Too Fast, Too Soon

We are isolated, we are tired, we are frustrated. Our entire routines have changed; they have had to change, but we can’t make things right in the world by opening the economy too fast, too soon. You do not add gasoline to a fire that is “almost” out, when you goal is to extinguish the flames.

Let’s use the State of Minnesota as an example. They reopened 50% of their economy, beyond what was deemed “essential,” on April 27. In less than two weeks, confirmed cases of Covid-19 increased by 279% and hospitalizations by 129%, and they still plan to reopen the Mall of America on June 1st.

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If your state is reopening faster than you feel comfortable, make a way to add an additional “buffer” by enforcing your personal “stay-at-home” order. It goes without saying we as families will protect our own at all costs; I believe we are being pushed — despite being angry, frustrated, tired and isolated — to relax our own good-sense feeling, and I am pushing back the other way, here at home, for myself, my family and the community.

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Construction Recruiter and Writer. Writes about #wellness #wellbeing #healthcare #mentalhealth #veterans #biblicalleadership #expressivewriting #writetoheal

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Anthony Layman

Construction Recruiter and Writer. Writes about #wellness #wellbeing #healthcare #mentalhealth #veterans #biblicalleadership #expressivewriting #writetoheal