Helping Humans

Still Kickin is a Minnesota-based non-profit that helps amazing people who are going through horrible things. It was started in July of 2015 by Nora McInerny Purmort, who was inspired by the outpouring of support that she and her late-husband Aaron received during his brain cancer treatment. Each month, a new hero is chosen, and that person receives all of the proceeds from sales in Still Kickin’s online shop, as well as the donation-based events they host around the country.

Helping Still Kickin

Aaron was a designer, and he loved making posters. In an attempt to honor one of our own, myself and…

A Better Bucket List

He’s intercepted Soviet bombers over the arctic. He’s been an Air Force test pilot. He’s been to space three times — twice on the Space Shuttle and once on a Soyuz rocket to live on the International Space Station for 5 months.

When I went to see Cmdr. Chris Hadfield speak recently, I figured it would be a typical book tour appearance: read a chapter or two, answer questions, sign books. …

The welcome kit. Not altogether uncommon in this line of work.

I once worked for an ad agency who welcomed me into the fold with a paper bag that contained, among other things, a stress ball.

Some years later, at a different agency, it was a shot glass.

Today, a box arrived, and it contained thoughtful, useful stuff.

Not pictured:

  • a plain, understated grey hoodie
  • confirmation that I’ve made the right choice

Thanks, Adobe XD.

Andy LeMay

interactivist, engineer, Sr . Experience Design Lead @ Adobe

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