On writing on Medium.

I have written one story, not a very good story, but I took that first nerve wrecking dive. The anxiety, into making my first debut, was a large contributor as to why it didn’t go so well.

The content probably didn’t help either.

Medium was, what I found to be heavily feminine. There was a ton of male bashing, and “my rape” stories, just a lot of bad examples of men. I am out here fighting for my rights as a disabled man, as well as against claims for female superiorty.

I was reading a story on “Horror Films” and how it really is like pornography, in the emotion eliciting sense (I guess). I really enjoyed it early on, it had some interesting angles and it included a bit of psychology (good or bad, the psychology part is a big weakness for me); hence I had prematurely clapped for the article.

Then it turned into a rape story, a subjective story with no true evidence this actually took place. She went on to recall certain events about the “traumatic” experience. Her manager took out his penis and with a hand on the base of his shaft he began to stroke, great imagery there to sway the audience. She went on and on, how she couldn’t tell anyone, and when she was offered aa ride she didn’t speak up, but instead got back into the dudes car where he proceeded to stroke himself again.

I don’t really think people understand what traumatizing really is. I got into a car accident, nearly ended my life. I spent 8 years rehabilitating while trying to get my life together. That’s traumatizing, as I had lost my ability to play music and sports, which were too huge areas that I planned the rest of my life around.

The point is, if you are going to write on Medium, and you want to be hugely successful in Creative Non-fiction (I just learned what this is); I guess you have to adhere to the ideologies of modern feminism? At least that is what I see, anyways happy writing, I look forward to more articles that aren’t “OMG my friend Jennifer said he licked his lips while I bent over, but he was looking in another direction while eating. He knows that if he looked toward us, he would give himself away; thus, he’s a fucking rapist. Right ladies? *The crowd of editors and writers for online feminist magazines let out an enthusiastic cheer* “Yeah!